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This one’s from Jenn who shares the craziest, six-degrees-of-separation type tale ever:

Some of the most important times of my life were the summers I spent at Baylor Camp. From age 11 to 22, I was there every summer but one.

In that time, several families became close friends, albeit ones that I only saw in the summer.  At the time, I didn’t realize the true significance of these friendships with campers and their families: these were the first family friendships that I formed independently of my parents.  These were my family friends!

In the age of smart phones, Facebook, Twitter, and myriad other ways to stay connected, it seems odd to say I lost touch with almost all these families for years, but we were operating without social media then.

As I timidly stepped into the online world, I was delighted to reconnect with many of the campers and counselors I’d known. It would be a few more years before I started blogging.

When I did, there were days I wasn’t sure what to write about. Committed to the discipline of writing and posting regularly, reclaiming my place as a writer alongside my beloved role as Sweetie and Mommy, I wanted to keep writing, keep connecting.

Enter Five-Minute Fridays.

I discovered Lisa-Jo’s online community in the funny way we stumble onto so many things online, by clicking a link that leads to a link that leads to another. I wish I could retrace my path and thank the source.

Because, in participating in Five-Minute Fridays, I’ve connected with several new online friends and strengthened one very important friendship.

You guessed it. One of my dear Baylor Camp friends is a blogger and a Five-Minute Fridays participant. Reading her take on the prompts makes me smile.

It’s just enough of a taste of Baylor Camp to make BlogWorld feel like home.

How fun is that?! Got a FMF story you want to share with us? Email me.

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Funny how the closer I look at her the less I notice my own chaos. The mess and the race and the daily chase of dishes and life and laundry and those moths that seem to be taking over the pantry just fade into a beautiful bokeh background when she dimples up at me.

I’ve been gone five days and she won’t let me out of her sight. The playground beckons and I can tell she gets just so many steps ahead and needs to run back to make sure I’m still there. That shiny, red fire truck jungle gym she’s just close enough to touch loses out to a shriek and a giggle and chubby legs running back to throw themselves into me.

I love it.

This being loved.

This giving kisses as a super power.

Jackson’s right elbow is scraped through and through. Micah didn’t cry today when I said good-bye. He told me how he didn’t cry even though it’s been so long since I even remember him crying. They listed their thanks out tonight – a litany prayed to a bunk bed ceiling.

Small boys in big hearts.

I see and see and see them so clearly I don’t need to take a photograph. It’s there. Crisp. Clear. My memory prints the moment. I put it in the back pocket of these jeans I bought on a whim. Nothing can fade it. Nothing can steal it.

I see you boys.

I see you daughter.

I see.

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