So grateful for you guys, for this space, for the God who gives us the gift of creativity and community.

Thank YOU.

Five Minute Friday is going to take the month of December off. We’ll start fresh in January.  So for now, let’s write our fingers off with gratitude. Today we get to pause and count out loud the gifts the God of all good things has given us. Let’s count together – at least five minute’s worth.

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Now, set your timer, clear your head, for five minutes of free writing without worrying about getting it right.

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
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3. And then absolutely, no ifs, ands or buts about it, you need to visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments. Seriously. That is, like, the rule. And the fun. And the heart of this community..

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OK, are you ready? Please give us your best five minutes on:::

Thank You…


I lie in the dark of an upstairs bedroom in my sister-in-law’s house. Zoe is in the pack ‘n play to my left and the two boys are sleeping bag style sleeping on the floor at the foot of the bed. Peter is downstairs with his brother and dad and they’re all keeping up a running commentary on the game, the teams, the trades, the memories that have sewn them into each others’ stories all these long years together and apart.

Dear God, thank you. Thank you for this generosity. Thank you that I hold here in my heart an ache so hard and deep that I can hardly breathe. Thank you for pouring your love into the skin of these people who make me whole. Thank you for lavish love like so much heaped up mashed potatoes. So good and true and nourishing to my toes, to my finger tips, to my broken bits and pieces.

Thank you for teaching me how to love these people and how these kids have shaped and velveteened me over the years.

The radio playing next to us pauses for a commercial and talks about weight loss programs for muffin top moms. I roll over and listen to Zoe breathe. Those good boys of mine, they mutter in their sleep. And this muffin top isn’t ashamed. This body is so stretched out because who can contain this kind of love? Who can care about a few extra curves when they come straight from the place where creation dreams and plans and makes new things.

We are family. We are the truest versions of ourselves in our snug jeans and Lions sweatshirts and stains from making the gravy. Thank you God for so much every day wonder in a kitchen in Akron, Ohio.

So full.


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