OK here’s the deal. A couple years ago I was about one pair of raggedy old sweat pants away from never leaving my house again. And I needed an intervention. Pinterest style boards make me hyperventilate and I get skeeeered of speaking at conferences where I know everyone will look like they stepped right out of Anthropologie (I just had to Google how to spell that and – true confession – I’ve NEVER been in the store).

So about two years ago I went searching for easy fashion assistance I could shop for from home.


As I started unpacking this week I realized that more than HALF my wardrobe these days is from Stitch Fix. I hate malls and shopping and am the most fashion-challenged person EVER. I promise you. I have done all my Christmas and birthday shopping online for the last two years in a row – I LOVE everything about not having to go into a mall. LOVE IT. And when I enter a store I get all kinds of overwhelmed and can never decide if what I’m looking at in the mirror makes me look fashionably trendy or just fashionably challenged.

So, enter two things that are helping get me out of bed and into cute clothes every other day, instead of just my sneakers and sweats (which I love, don’t get me wrong!) Because busy moms need to share tips, yes?

1. Stitch Fix – The online stylist that picks out pretty clothes and mails them to your doorstep – $20

So I’m trying to get out of my minivan driving, sweat pants schlump and you guys I LOVE this site Stitch Fix – I’m guessing maybe you’ve heard of it? If not, it’s basically an online stylist who shops for you and then delivers a sweet little package of 5 items of hand picked clothing to your door step.

It’s $20 for the styling fee which gets applied to any items you purchase. Return anything else you like at no charge and free shipping. It may be changing my life.


You can keep as many or few of the items as you like and the $20 gets applied to anything you decide to buy. Return what you don’t want in the postage prepaid enveloped. Easy as pie. 

There’s a detailed style profile you fill out with great questions like what body parts would you most like to hide (arms, always my arms) vs. show off (um, hair?). It has detailed outfits to give thumbs up or down to and then a stylist goes a’shopping for you – as easy as that.

The items are kinda pricey I think ($40-$78 range for my latest fix) but the quality is really something. And I’m learning that one great piece can really fancy up the rest of the outfit. And I’ll tell you, two years in and all my Stitch Fix stuff has WAY outlasted my usual Target/Penneys buys. (And they have an amazing referral program – so if a friend buys something through your referral link —>BOOM it’s money in the bank for your next fix).

I hate malls and shopping and am the most fashion-challenged person EVER. I promise you. But Stitch Fix is like your fashion Fairy Godmother – she sends you 5 pieces to choose from and pretty much dresses you up in the ways you wish you could dress yourself.

These are 8 recents pieces that I snapped pics of as I was unpacking them this morning—

Top photos:

  1. – Memphis Lace Overlay Knit Shirt
  2. – Mystree Crochet lace detailed top (not sure if this is the exact right name)
  3. – Mavi Kalie Denim Jacket

Bottom Photos:

  1. – Sonja Boyfriend jeans (the dark ones; the light pair is from Sears)
  2. – Analeigh Crochet Detail Dolman Knit top for cool evenings
  3. – Feather layering necklace
  4. – Brixon Ivy Diaz Embroidery & Crochet Detail Cotton Top
  5. – Erik Striped Tote beach bag
I kid you not – Stitch Fix is the reason I can (mostly) leave the house without embarrassment. Click over here to check it out. And yup, it’s my affiliate link because mama gotta support her addiction :)

I especially love how each item comes with a little card with suggestions for what to pair it with and how best to wear it. Sigh. Happy happy me.


I mean, doesn’t this beachy bag spell all kinds of happy?

And if you sign up you can bag up credits too for anyone you refer to the magic of Stitch Fix too.

2. ThredUp – it’s like online consignment shopping for grown ups.

OK for reals, the fact that I can shop from the comfort of my bed for deals on beautiful second-hand clothes for myself AND MY KIDS? That I don’t have to actually drag my kids to an actual store with me and sweat the temper tantrums and the fear of losing my boys who inevitably start playing war games hiding in the racks of clothes? PRICELESS!

And yes yes yes this is SO my referral link for ThredUp because when you use it YOU GET A FREE $10 to SPEND and SO DO I!! Win-win people!

And I gotta tell you that you can also MAIL IN YOUR GENTLY USED CLOTHES to ThredUp and if they accept them they’ll add store credit to your account and boom – closet spring cleaning PLUS spending cash for pretty clothes. I shop for all my kids’ stuff almost exclusively now at ThredUp.


So that’s where I’m at. Plenty still to learn. Still knee deep in unpacking and boxes. But feeling a bit braver and that perhaps there’s some fun to be had with fashion after all.

OK, your turn. Hit me up with all your genius fashion tips, blogs, sites, friends. Seriously, I’ll take all the help I can get.

Let’s swap tips in the comments, eh?