This is the longest we’ve ever lived in one place. Its been five years. After moving every two it was hard to get used to the idea of being settled-ish.

And I’ve had a complicated relationship with our rental house.

I’ve talked about it quite a bit over the last five years. How we have been reluctant renters. How I’ve had to learn that your house is only as small as your hospitality. And that it’s really only in this last year that I’ve come to embrace the fact that the size of your house has nothing to do with the size of your life.

It’s taken me eighteen years and three continents to learn that lesson.

My friend Dee is an artist. She makes art with words (my favorite kind) over at RedLetterWords.

She made this print for me. And when it arrived, I cried.

Each city, each street, each country represents so many people. So many memories of places and home comings and shortcomings. Of friends and laughter and loss and heart break. Of roots and rootlessness. Of marriage and each new baby. Of my favorite smells and foods in the world. Of giant leaps in faith and wretched questions. Of three countries and the boy who’s been the common thread in each. From the first apartment we ever shared to the house we are now.

It made me feel a bit like this…

Dee doesn’t often do custom orders. But she’s currently accepting five. Only five. Believe me when I tell you, you want to be one of those five. Or just check out the rest of Dee’s gallery – all Scripture, all meaningful, all beautiful. Perfect for a unique Mother’s Day gift. Here’s how she describes RedLetterWords:

What RedLetterWords is today started as a thought, an idea for Scripture as Art, big and plain for everyone to read.  Bold and readable across the room.  The focal point of my living room. The Art would look like an erased chalkboard. With big text. With scripture that had personal meaning to me. ~ Dee in this interview.

I love Dee’s prints so much, I have an entire gallery wall of them.

UPDATED: GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED: And today along with taking orders for 5 custom prints, she’s offering one reader her choice of a print from the Heart Collection.

I love words.

I love having meaningful words up on my walls.

And after so many years living in between countries, I’m loving roots here for a while.

So tell me, if you could get any of the six RedLetterWords pieces above, which one would it be and why? And you’ll be entered to win it.

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Congrats to Ashley who was the random winner of a RedLetterWords canvas!