A Monday morning checklist via new.thegypsymama.com

On a Monday, just this reminder:

God is for me, more than my laundry.

God sees me, not just my kids’ trail of weekend destruction.

God delights in me, tired eyes and all.

God sings over me, when the baby’s crying, the toddler’s whining, the teenager’s “but why?-ing”

God breathes into me, when I’m all run out of breath from all the drop-offs, back packs, school lunches, car repairs, house moves, work deadlines, laugh and worry lines.

God understands more than I do about tomorrow.

God is comfortable in my chaos.

God is waiting for me at the end of the day.

God holds me. God loves me. God welcomes me into His arms.

God believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things with me and for me.

God is awake when I got to bed tonight.

God is waiting when I wake up tomorrow.

Ready. Delighted. Friend.