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It can be easy to think that great and important things are location dependent. Like, if I were still living in South Africa then I could sow my life into the orphan community my parents are pouring their lives into. It can be easy to be caught, sponge in hand, after a long day and just stare at the counter top you’re wiping down. Stare and wonder why it all matters.

As you’re emptying the recycling and trying to find the source of a beginning gathering of gnats you can tell yourself that big changes are made with grand gestures and probably plane tickets and a series of vaccinations. It can be easy to think that what those women are doing oversees carries more weight than what you’re doing right here in your kitchen between the hour when you get done work and the hour you collapse into bed, having served spaghetti and meatballs. Again.

But faithfulness and service and glory all begin at home. Sometimes over helpings of noodles and garlic bread. And all those things that feel unimportant – loading the dishwasher, soothing the bad dreams, hauling out the nebulizer – these deep bending knees are like prayer. The prayer of the warrior faithful who knows how to live in service and show up at a neighbor’s house with open arms when she needs to cry. This being present right where we are is the brave stuff of every day because people don’t write books about it. Or movies. Ordinary Tuesdays can be swept up like so much lint by Thursday if you aren’t paying attention.

But where you are is on purpose. Not by accident. Where you are, with sponge and bread crumbs in hand is today’s calling that may pave the way for tomorrow’s unexpected sense of deep purpose. We live in these moments one by one and when we count them and see how the light catches the back of his blonde hair, all slicked back by the pool, that we catch a reflection of God here in this moment with us. Utterly transfixed by the wonder of His own creation. How he loves to enter into the very things we consider the most boringly ordinary. How He watches and welcomes those moments and holds them up like a parent with a hand drawn card.

We are living on a mission here at home. Just right here with the yellow scrubber and the pots that won’t shed the burned remains of yesterday’s breakfast.


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