It’s Friday, let’s write for five minutes flat. All on the same word: CHOOSE


The world spins in endless cycles of names flashing by in bright lights. And sometimes I’m dazzled by them and I think, why am I just sitting here in this minivan? I should get up and get going and make some grand things today. But my dining room table is covered in paints and crayons and a lost tea pot in just the right space, so I slow down and lean back in my seat in the warm car and crack open a book that reminds me how tomorrow’s bright names will have wall papered over todays.

And I will have lost today in the chase.

Genesis has whole chapters dedicated to who was the father of who was the father of who and so on and on for hundreds of years. No one remembers who was the better wood worker or stone mason or baker. No one recorded who was late to church or school or family reunions. The only thing that stood the test of time was who was the parent and who was the child.

This litany of significance hammered down in ink for centuries – who you parent matters.

We will likely all be forgotten a few generations from now. I have no idea who my great, great, great grandmother was. But I am Jo’s daughter and her love of chocolate runs in my veins. I am Peter’s daughter and his passion for the veld and the springbok and horse riding across vlaktes defines me.

I was interrupted from my all the things I thought important today when my son had an accident at school. And I sighed for a minute as I packed up my work and my books and my thoughts and then I remembered that some day someone will remember him. More than me or this talk I’m writing or the book that’s just around the corner.

Some day someone will know that they are Micah’s son or daughter and it will be the cornerstone of an identity that I helped shape today, from inside a minivan. History walking into the future from this very chip-packet and old, milk carton strewn car.


This post inspired by a chapter in my favorite parenting book of all time – Sacred Parenting: How Raising Children Shapes Our Souls