I’m having all the feels about this being my last week hosting Five Minute Friday. In case you missed the announcement, I’m handing Five Minute Friday over into the tender and very capable hands of my friend Kate Motaung starting from next week, August 8th.

There will still be a sacred space for five, focused minutes of writing.

It just won’t be at my blog anymore.

And I’m grateful and sad and ready and sure.

It’s time for something new to BEGIN.


Yup, one last time together, let’s do this.

Let’s write on one word for five beautiful, sacred, unrushed, unedited minutes —-> the word is BEGIN:


Because something new always does. Something unexpected begins here in five, shared minutes online. In your living room, there behind your desk and in the dry and dusty streams in the desert of our hearts. Behold, He is always doing a new thing.

He begins again and again with me in my small, stubborn head that forgets over and over again how big and how infinite He is. How the Christ is never limited by you and especially not by me with my small vision and my cramped heart. How He is relentless in His willingness to begin again with me each new morning and each tired and crabby afternoon before dinner. How He is never tired of my tiredness and how He makes beauty out of broken down moms and their whiney kids.

And every time we open the blank page with that cursor winking at us we get to begin all over again. A fresh canvas to cover in the paint of our ordinary nooks and crannies that become anything but ordinary when we offer them up like so many little loaves and fishes for our hungry friends. Hungry to know they’re not the only ones whose kids decimate their bedrooms, who forget to plan anything for dinner, who get tired of clocking time in cubicles, who are called to math or science or teaching or etsy or that night shift in the ER.

And when we put down our five minutes of truth, when we aren’t afraid to live un-edited, even if only for glimpses, we feed the hearts of our neighbors – down the street and online. We feed them and we feed ourselves and we discover that there is always more left over to begin again tomorrow.


And if you missed it – you can check out the live Q&A I hosted with my three kids to celebrate our last Friday with you all! Click here to watch. (And promise it will make anyone who has wild kiddos feel infinitely better – heh}.

{Photo credit: Mallory MacDonald}