So a week from today we’ll be arriving in South Africa.

Me, and my nine-year-old son, Jackson, along with Crystal from Money Saving Mom and her friend Joy. We’ll be trading snow for mid-summer sunshine.

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If you’re wondering what I’m talking about just click here to read my “the secret’s out of the bag” post from Monday.

We leave DC on Wednesday afternoon and arrive a day later on Thursday afternoon in South Africa. And because this trip is for you all and to thank you all for making a veggie garden, playground, water point and community center possible for 250 orphans and vulnerable kids we’d LOVE to be sort of like roving reporters on your behalf.

So today, won’t you spend a moment thinking what you wish you could ask or see if you were going with us.

And then click here to leave it in a comment. (If you’ve ever left a comment my blog should remember you and hopefully not ask you to fill out your name again. I know that reading on a phone can make forms super annoying. But this one is worth it, eh?)

I have LOVED reading the hundreds of replies I got to my first, “Behind the Blog” newsletter. I’ve spent days reading them and trying to reply to as many as possible.

So let’s keep the conversation going.

You click here and leave a comment and then Crystal and I will do our best to get your questions answered and share a post with all the discoveries and answers we can possibly pull together during our time there.

So go ahead, pretend you’re standing under the 90 degree sun in front of a room full of kiddos and mamas, meeting the brave people who run after school programs and clinics and trainings in Maubane, South Africa — what would you love to learn?

I’m all ears.