I write down my stories the way other people take photographs. So I can see them better. So I can remember. So I can learn. And so other women can feel less alone.

)) Here it is. 42. I made it to my mom’s age. What an astounding thing to be able to look around the world through eyes that have now seen as much as hers did. And I can testify with her that God is good. And while life can feel broken and hard, I will […]

I haven’t written in a long time because there has been so much to say. Counter-intuitive, I know. But that’s sometimes how summers are. You hope they’ll be long and slow and dreamy and instead they sort of run over you like kids through the sprinklers and you’re left with all these soppy wet footprints […]

If you’re a mom then at some point you’ve had to deal with a diaper blowout in public. But the story I read by Jordan Watts about what happened to them in a Chick-Fil-A bathroom is like the apocalypse meets a kid’s upset stomach. There really are no words. You just have to read it […]

I’ll admit it. I’m a TOTAL SKEPTIC when it comes to happiness. I’m always convinced that any kind of happiness is basically just the opening act for terrible disaster or tragedy. The second my life starts to spark with some happiness, I begin to worry that the other shoe is about to drop and I […]

My daughter comes to me with snot and tears streaked down her face and asks between wails, “Do you still love me, Mama? Even when I’m crabby?” She then bursts into more sobs as I take her small frame onto my lap and wipe the hair out of her eyes. I slowly pet her back, her […]

I’ve lived most of my life as a third-culture kid. Basically, stranded in between countries and cultures. It’s been both the best and the worst of times. As a mom now, though, it’s a gift I hope I can pass on to my kids. To see the world from a different angle. I love learning […]

I’m not a good cook. But on sad days what I want to do is take refuge in a kitchen, sitting at a good friend’s kitchen counter. America has had a lot of sad days recently. And there’s comfort in chopping and talking and eating and being together. I’ve sat at tables like that from […]

My friend Anna is currently in the most intense season of motherhood. Babies and toddlers. When she writes sometimes I have newborn PTSD remembering. But I also remember how intense the closeness of the Holy Spirit was in those years. How fine the line between heaven and earth seems when you’re holding tiny humans still […]

I have a son who calls himself names. As his mother it’s excruciating to hear. It takes my breath away to listen to how he talks to himself. Anytime he makes a mistake or a bad decision or can’t seem to get his shoelaces untied from their tangle of knots I’ll hear him mutter — Idiot! […]

My friend, Kate Motaung, feels like a sister even though we’ve never met in person. She’s married to a South African and they live in Michigan. I’m married to a Michigander and for years we lived in South Africa. She gets what it’s like to live life in between countries and strong-willed kids. I’m so […]

There will be days you will question everything you believe. There will be days you will be so tired it’s too hard to make the bed. Just getting out of it will have to be enough. There will be days you will wonder why no one told you that they loved you today. There will […]

When I had already finished and turned in my first draft of my book, Surprised by Motherhood, my editor told me it was missing a chapter. This came as a surprise to me. She thought I needed to share more about my middle-born. My passionate son, Micah. She thought he was the child and his […]

Forty is an interesting decade. I only arrived a couple years ago, and it’s still taking me time to remember. On my insides I’m stuck at around thirty six. Forty feels like my mom’s age. And then I remember that I am someone’s mom. I’m three someone’s moms. It’s the strangest thing to go to […]

The thing is, we wonder all the time if we’re doing this motherhood thing right. Every night once the kids are in bed I try to ignore the annoying voice in my head that screeches through the list of things I should have done better. Every night. I can’t seem to turn it off. Especially […]

He was waiting for me in the big bed after I got done tucking in his little sister. Because it’s Wednesday night. His glasses were lying on my dresser and he was spread out on the far side of the bed – his daddy’s side – because he likes the way it feels there up […]

On Friday nights we all stay in. We have pizza and a movie and three kids scrunched onto a single couch cushion because this is how they like it. Except for whoever ends up in the middle. We are a family that never gets tired of a good story. By Friday night, I don’t care […]

Here’s to the mothers. Here’s to the boo-boo kissers. Here’s to the get up and warm the milk at 2am women. You are braver than you know. You make the music that makes the life that gives the rhythm to the day in and out and in again. Courageous. You deliver babies by C-section or […]

I dropped my aunt and uncle off at the airport on Tuesday and then cried so hard as I drove away that I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep the car pointed in the right direction. I was completely stunned by my own mascara streaked face in the rear view mirror. They spent […]

I’ve heard the whispers. The rumblings. The women who pull me aside to share with shy and embarrassed eyes this worry that what you do doesn’t count because you do it at 2am when no one is looking except the baby who’s throwing up. Again. Or because what you do doesn’t require a passport. Or […]

For the first time since my book, Surprised by Motherhood, came out two years ago the eBook version is on sale this week for only $2.99! That’s a $13 savings, you guys! And right in time for Mother’s Day! Did you know it’s super easy to give an ebook as a gift! You don’t need a Kindle […]

I want to be the kind of friend who gives the gift of guilt free friendship. In a world where we women are so good at guilting ourselves over our weight, our workout routines (or lack thereof) the state of our houses, our kids, or our spiritual lives. I want to create safe spaces for […]

She is a fierce little mama. Every night before she puts on her own jammies she changes her baby into a onesie and tucks her in just so. And in the mornings when I’m calling for her, pouring her cereal and wondering where she is she can be found deciding on an outfit for her […]

I watched you win gold last night. I didn’t think you would. I’m going to cry as I remember this. But I’m going to write it down because some photographs are better captured in words. They’re the kind I need to properly see how you looked when you crossed that finish line. I didn’t know […]

I don’t know about you guys but sometimes Monday mornings can leave me feeling a little fragile, a little insecure, a little worried about how the week ahead is going to go. So, instead of trying to get a quick affirmation fix online, I’m learning to connect with one or two friends instead. People who […]

My kids take me to places in my heart I didn’t know were there. We ride home in the dark from his first try out for track. He’s followed the career of Usain Bolt for years now. He talks about the Olympics like it’s a real date on his calendar in the future. And I […]

What if you didn’t listen to the mean girl in your head today? What if, instead, you decided to be kind to yourself today? What if you looked in the mirror and smiled? Instead of counted gray hairs and wrinkles. What if you didn’t step onto the scale? What if, instead, you stepped into the middle […]

The thing I can never get over every Easter weekend is how this is the grittiest kidnap and ransom story. When Jesus walked into the Garden of Gethsemane He was delivering the ransom. Himself. For each of us. Kidnapped by sin and an accuser desperate for blood. Desperate to make our Father God pay. I […]

Oh my daughter, there are so many things I never knew before you. Five years ago I never knew how much I would love glitter and sparkles and unicorns. I never knew how much beauty would be an ongoing conversation and a choice and an example I would have to live out for you every […]

So, here’s the skinny: every Friday for nearly four years hundreds of people joined a kind of writing flash mob over here. We called it, Five Minute Friday. Because that’s the time limit we gave ourselves for each post. Each unedited, perfectly flawed post. Much like each of us who gathered here. I wrote 172 […]

Have you ever wanted to run away from home – as a mom? Addie Zierman has. And she did. This is what happened. The winter that I drove down to Florida alone with my two-and four-year-old sons was the one of the coldest on record. The polar vortex was arcing down, freezing everything. The wind-chills […]

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