I’ve been thinking about this place and what I write here and why I write so much about motherhood. You may not know this about me, but for most of my life I was determined to avoid motherhood at all costs. Peter married me knowing this. I had all kinds of confused junk I was […]

I talk a lot here about how small a mother’s routine can feel. Perhaps, however, I don’t talk enough about how big the impact of that routine can be. Celebrating the small is directly related to recognizing the massive, Kingdom impact. Kids are forever. They are eternity with skin on. And we mold them like […]

She was one of the last people in line after I got done talking about blogging and callings and the motherhood juggle. I could hear the urgency in her voice. What happens if someone else steals my dream while I’m waiting? What if they write my idea first before I’ve had a chance to get […]

My name is Lisa-Jo and I struggle with comparing myself to others. It feels like such an embarrassing admission – the rabbit hole of comparing yourself to other people. It feels like something better whispered in the ear of a good friend than admitted out loud. But today I think I need to sit at […]

Whether I’m hiding behind my kids or not. Whether I’m tired, wraggedy, or manic. He sees me. Not my undone laundry or my messy house. Not my fraying door mat or my futon with the chocolate milk stains. He sees me. Beyond the color of my hair or the size of my waist. Over the […]

Sometimes we rage against where we are in life. Especially compared to her. Her – over there – with the easily strung together words or the pretty blog or the stylish shoes or the way with making sense of motherhood. We see the 4×6 snapshot and call it life. That tiny printout. We don’t look […]

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