When the news turns dark, when I have a hard time believing my pastor, and all I want to do is switch between hot baths and my cosy bed, it’s the stories of what women are capable of right there in the middle of the darkness that I need. The stories that take place between making […]

She wanted to take a walk to go and get the mail. It was that slow time of night after dinner when the sunny is softly coloring in all the corners of the neighborhood. The petals of the flowers in the neighbor’s bed droop heavy. I feel the gravel under our feet. She’s wearing the […]

It was late last night. After we’d all be for a run around the block. After I’d made dinner. After we’d helped everyone through their homework. After the boys had showered and Jackson had done his reading next to me. It was when both boys were already tucked into bed and I was about 20 […]

They tell me to do something, “like a girl” is a bad thing. I’ve heard it all my life; I’m guessing you have too. To do something “like a girl” implies floppy-wristed ridicule at attempts to throw a ball, make a catch, win a race, step up to bat, figure out math. It’s not usually malicious. […]

There are books and blog posts and news articles that I comb through in the dark hours while my daughter sleeps. And they say that girls need to hear that they are brave and strong and capable. That their bodies are useful more than they are beautiful. I don’t doubt that’s true. But my baby […]

Our daughters will make the holy journey into womanhood whether we prepare them for it or not. And they will likely lose friends, favorite aunts, fathers and mothers along the way. Whether these core members of their DNA die, are emotionally unavailable, or up and leave, how do we help them process what they’ve lost […]

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