Faith is Hard

There are three, maybe four writers, I would consider both some of my favorite people as well as my favorite writers. Hilary Yancey is one of them. Her son Jackson just turned one. And this is their story. I spent a year and 20 days grieving an empty five minutes. They were the first minutes […]

I’ve been the community manager at the website (in)courage for six years now. That means six years of working with and for and alongside women. Writing about women, reading about women, talking to women, being in small groups of women and large groups of women. I don’t think I could possibly overstate how much I love women. […]

I’m not a good cook. But on sad days what I want to do is take refuge in a kitchen, sitting at a good friend’s kitchen counter. America has had a lot of sad days recently. And there’s comfort in chopping and talking and eating and being together. I’ve sat at tables like that from […]

My kids take me to places in my heart I didn’t know were there. We ride home in the dark from his first try out for track. He’s followed the career of Usain Bolt for years now. He talks about the Olympics like it’s a real date on his calendar in the future. And I […]

The thing I can never get over every Easter weekend is how this is the grittiest kidnap and ransom story. When Jesus walked into the Garden of Gethsemane He was delivering the ransom. Himself. For each of us. Kidnapped by sin and an accuser desperate for blood. Desperate to make our Father God pay. I […]

Have you ever wanted to run away from home – as a mom? Addie Zierman has. And she did. This is what happened. The winter that I drove down to Florida alone with my two-and four-year-old sons was the one of the coldest on record. The polar vortex was arcing down, freezing everything. The wind-chills […]

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