Last year was only the second time I cooked a Thanksgiving turkey and put together a family advent countdown calendar. The SECOND TIME EVER IN NEARLY A DECADE OF PARENTING. Because that’s how long I’ve been sleep deprived. Dear Moms of Littles, listen up here because this is for you — I know this time […]

After long days and nights and days again, and at the end of long weeks, I often wish I could reach through these words and give each of you a medal. You there on the other side of the screen. I would give you a medal if I could. I would give you a medal […]

It’s noon and I’m jumping in the car to go grab a spur-of-the-moment donut. Boston Cream. Every time. And I get a text message from a new friend. I’m in the drive-thru when I hear her voice pop up in my head and on my phone and she wants to know what I’m doing for […]

My daughter comes to me with snot and tears streaked down her face and asks between wails, “Do you still love me, Mama? Even when I’m crabby?” She then bursts into more sobs as I take her small frame onto my lap and wipe the hair out of her eyes. I slowly pet her back, her […]

I have a son who calls himself names. As his mother it’s excruciating to hear. It takes my breath away to listen to how he talks to himself. Anytime he makes a mistake or a bad decision or can’t seem to get his shoelaces untied from their tangle of knots I’ll hear him mutter — Idiot! […]

Forty is an interesting decade. I only arrived a couple years ago, and it’s still taking me time to remember. On my insides I’m stuck at around thirty six. Forty feels like my mom’s age. And then I remember that I am someone’s mom. I’m three someone’s moms. It’s the strangest thing to go to […]

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