I dropped my aunt and uncle off at the airport on Tuesday and then cried so hard as I drove away that I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep the car pointed in the right direction. I was completely stunned by my own mascara streaked face in the rear view mirror. They spent […]

I think about it a lot. I think about dying. I lie in bed at night and can’t breathe from the bad dreams that paralyze my lungs at the thought of one of my kids dying. I lie there with eyes wide open to the dark and I play it through my head. How would I […]

We are the sum total of our stories. So when we sit down at the computer and open a vein we offer life to someone else. We pour out what we’ve learned or failed to learn as a lifeline to someone else. We offer our stories across computer screens, transfusion-like. On Wednesday morning I re-live […]

Two years ago I sat on a park bench eating orange sherbert ice cream and telling Holley all these dreams that were crammed so tight inside my heart I could hardly breathe for fear of splitting down the middle. I told her about my sleepless nights. I told her about the desperate desire to be […]

Two years and one job ago. I sat across from the man I love on the bed we’ve loved in since we were first married ten years before. I sat and smacked fist into palm and said it again and again and again, “But this can’t be what I’m supposed to do with my life.” […]

She breathes through her nose when she’s having a strong emotion. Short, sharp exclamation points that punctuate her just ten months of life. Her brother yells, “Wa-hoo!” with accompanying right-hand fist pump when a surprise unfolds, there’s ice cream in a cone for dessert, or we agree to let him watch Pingu. His brother at […]

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