I hate commercials. I don’t think I can possibly overstate this. I make our children DVR any TV shows they want to watch so that they can fast forward through the commercials. They know that the best way to make my head explode is to leave the volume on during a commercial. Or worse yet, […]

As much as I love November and the holiday season, I dread the monsoon of marketing directed at our kids that comes with it. Nothing makes my head want to explode more than listening to a child who just got a new paint set, or backpack or soccer cleats start to whine about that new sparkly […]

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The woman who looks back at me from the mirror is someone I never expected to meet. There she is, with her tired eyes and wrinkle lines and the soft brown spots of aging on her hands. Her hair hasn’t been its own color since she turned nineteen. She prefers a shade of auburn colored into the mix. She […]

My kids are 10, 7 and 4. And my two oldest – my sons – are old enough these days to long for a hero. They’re old enough to have started noticing. They notice sports stars and singers and tween celebrities. They see the kids who have their own youtube videos that get 1 million […]

He holds his heart as we wait at the red line in the immigration queue. His face has a puzzled look. Passports slide back our way and we crane necks for one last look, one wave, one jump up and down and blowing of last kisses. Then with heavy back packs we start the long […]

When he tells me his head hurts and my stroking it doesn’t help, I know he’s sick for real and not just for sympathy. His younger brother and sister are just emerging from the fever and croup he’s headed into. It’s Saturday and the US Marine museum outing has been traded for Netflix, mama’s bed, […]

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