I had no idea I had a temper until I had kids. I’ve been on a mission to tame it ever since then. It’s been the most painful and humbling journey of my life. I’ve shared a lot about it on the blog. I’ve made progress. I’ve been proud of the progress I’ve made. And […]

There are three, maybe four writers, I would consider both some of my favorite people as well as my favorite writers. Hilary Yancey is one of them. Her son Jackson just turned one. And this is their story. I spent a year and 20 days grieving an empty five minutes. They were the first minutes […]

My friend, Jennifer Camp is a Jesus follower who loves pointing women to Him for all their needs, ugly and messy and amazing.  Her new book, Breathing Eden: Conversations with God on Light, Fresh Air, and New Things, is a fictional look at the real life struggles we all face every day and how God hears and responds to our […]

As a full time working mom of three kids 11 and under I’ve basically been stretched too thin for a decade. And I’ve lost track of how many weeks have ended with desperate calls to my husband to tell him that I just can’t take it anymore! The thing that’s gotten me through has been […]

I’ve always worked full time. Sometimes outside of the home and more recently from home. Some seasons have been easier than others. Some have been very, very hard. One of my most read posts on this blog is the one I wrote called, Grace For the Working Mother and Her Guilt. I know a lot […]

It’s been a year now since we first started talking about what it would look like if I took one of the kids with me when I travel. I don’t travel a lot. But more than I expected. I get to go and encourage other moms. Yes, I get to. I remind myself, it’s always […]

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