Ordinary Glory

My friend, Jennifer Camp is a Jesus follower who loves pointing women to Him for all their needs, ugly and messy and amazing.  Her new book, Breathing Eden: Conversations with God on Light, Fresh Air, and New Things, is a fictional look at the real life struggles we all face every day and how God hears and responds to our […]

I’ve learned to like bagels with just cream cheese. Toasted bagels with plain cream cheese. I realize that this morning as I’m making coffee and toasting my bagels. “I’m so American,” I think. My South African dad loved his cream cheese on toast with a big helping of strawberry jam on top. Delicious. A memory […]

I haven’t written in a long time because there has been so much to say. Counter-intuitive, I know. But that’s sometimes how summers are. You hope they’ll be long and slow and dreamy and instead they sort of run over you like kids through the sprinklers and you’re left with all these soppy wet footprints […]

On Friday nights we all stay in. We have pizza and a movie and three kids scrunched onto a single couch cushion because this is how they like it. Except for whoever ends up in the middle. We are a family that never gets tired of a good story. By Friday night, I don’t care […]

Often in blogging, as in life, we tend to think that if we don’t have something profound to say then it isn’t worth saying anything. I don’t know about you, but I battle that thought constantly. As in all. the. time. But my life isn’t constantly profound. And when I pay attention I remember that […]

Some days there’s so much to share but none of it is interesting or original so you don’t say anything. A kid lost his ever-loving mind in front of a guest because he discovered you’d eaten his laffy taffy. The kitchen is covered in dirty dishes. Again. And there are days you despair of ever catching […]

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