Raising Boys

He was waiting for me in the big bed after I got done tucking in his little sister. Because it’s Wednesday night. His glasses were lying on my dresser and he was spread out on the far side of the bed – his daddy’s side – because he likes the way it feels there up […]

I watched you win gold last night. I didn’t think you would. I’m going to cry as I remember this. But I’m going to write it down because some photographs are better captured in words. They’re the kind I need to properly see how you looked when you crossed that finish line. I didn’t know […]

My kids take me to places in my heart I didn’t know were there. We ride home in the dark from his first try out for track. He’s followed the career of Usain Bolt for years now. He talks about the Olympics like it’s a real date on his calendar in the future. And I […]

At ten and eight my boys are now old enough to help. This is revolutionary. They can do their own safety belts, buckle their sister in, ride bikes to go pick up the mail, scramble the eggs, fold their own laundry, help read the bedtime stories, and so the list goes on. I didn’t know […]

The woman who looks back at me from the mirror is someone I never expected to meet. There she is, with her tired eyes and wrinkle lines and the soft brown spots of aging on her hands. Her hair hasn’t been its own color since she turned nineteen. She prefers a shade of auburn colored into the mix. She […]

My kids are 10, 7 and 4. And my two oldest – my sons – are old enough these days to long for a hero. They’re old enough to have started noticing. They notice sports stars and singers and tween celebrities. They see the kids who have their own youtube videos that get 1 million […]

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