The ordinary extraordinary

Motherhood feels a lot different than the baby books suggested. There should have been an entire chapter on the boredom of board games. Or dishes. Or sweeping. Or unloading the dishwasher. Again. And then the next day. Like sleep deprivation it’s hard to prepare for monotony. So I sift through the moments with a make-believe microscope searching for the wonder hidden in plain sight. It’s all there. Once I blink the tired and temper out of my eyes, it’s all there. The glory of the ordinary day.

I look around our cluttered playroom and tell myself when it looks like the ones I’ve seen on Pinterest I’ll start a list of fun projects for the kids. I look at my kitchen and tell myself when I can find the Tupperware lids and have invested in some decent pots and pans I’ll get […]

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“So,” he asks me. “What did you do today?” And I think about lists checked off and conference calls and the crock pot I had to run through the dishwasher and still rinse out by hand. I think about the four rooms that I vacuumed and the EBook cover design I’m excited about. I think […]

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