“The middle is the place where we might have outgrown the shape of our teenage jeans but have finally grown into the shape of our souls.”

Do you ever wonder how you woke up one day with all the responsibilities of a grown-up who secretly enjoys buying groceries in bulk, can no longer recognize the tween celebrities on the magazines at checkout, but is still surprised when a Starbucks barista calls you “ma’am”—because your inside self is still frozen in time to about twenty years ago?

So does Lisa-Jo Baker.

In these intimate reflections on midlife, Lisa-Jo Baker invites us to get a good look at our middles and gives us permission to embrace them—beyond what the media, the mirror, or the magazines say. Through gutsy, beautiful storytelling, she admits out loud what most of us are thinking about marriage, parenting, the bathroom scale, and how badly we all want to buy those matching Magnolia Market mugs.

Her delicious stories come from not being afraid of who she is (Your Age Is Not a Dirty Word), because she has finally grown comfortable in her own skin (The Scale Is Not The Boss Of You). She’s not asking you to seize the day, just to make sure you actually see it for all its wildly ordinary glory (Sobbing In My Minivan Over Honor Roll).

Because Lisa-Jo knows that the middle might be the best part of the love story of life, kids, faith, doubt, marriage, failure, wonder, and the muffin top—and that these are all good things.

Welcome to the middle, friends!

Meet Lisa-Jo

With her ability to laugh at herself and her mistakes, LISA-JO BAKER continues to gather women around her into a tribe that is tired of hearing how things are supposed to be (perfect or easy) and passionate about hearing how things actually are (hard, scary, stretching, and wonderful).
A former attorney and longtime community manager at (in)courage, Lisa-Jo is the best-selling author of Never Unfriended and Surprised by Motherhood. A sought-after national speaker, her writings have resonated with thousands and have been featured on Huffpost Parents, BibleGateway, Fox News, Christianity Today, IF:Table, and more.

She is the cohost of the Out of the Ordinary podcast and lives just outside Washington, DC, with her husband of more than twenty years and their three very loud kids.

“I want to give Lisa-Jo’s book a standing ovation.”

—AARTI SEQUEIRA, Chef, TV Personality, Journalist and Author


“A love letter to the delicious middle.”

-—MANDY ARIOTO, president and CEO of MOPS International and author of Have More Fun


“The breath of fresh air you’ve been waiting for.”

—JENNIFER FULWILER, SiriusXM radio host and author of One Beautiful Dream


The sumptuous truth of our years: that a grilled cheese without the middle is just toast.”

—ERIN LOECHNER, founder of OtherGoose.com and author of Chasing Slow


“Like a magic mirror; It showed me just how marvelous my ordinary life already is.”

—CHRISTIE PURIFOY, author of Placemaker and co-host of the Out of the Ordinary podcast


“The story of every woman; This is a book I want to pass along to all my girlfriends.”

—KELLY STAMPS, blogger and mom of three.


“Witty and heart-warming.”

—CRYSTAL PAINE, founder of MoneySavingMom.com, host of The Crystal Paine Show, and New York Times best-selling author.


“Lisa-Jo isn’t afraid to write what we’re all thinking!”

—COURTNEY WALSH, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Things Left Unsaid


“A chuckle-worthy, disarming, and engaging read.”

—JESSICA HONEGGER, founder and co-CEO Noonday Collection and author of Imperfect Courage


“No one writes about motherhood, marriage, and life like Lisa-Jo Baker does.”

—JESSICA TURNER, bestselling author of The Fringe Hours and Stretched Too Thin


“Lisa-Jo is a kind, wise, and loving guide.”

—JOY PROUTY, artist and educator


“Here’s to finding glory in the middle!”

—CLAIRE DIAZ-ORTIZ, author and speaker


“Grab a cup of coffee or tea and prepare to take a deep breath.”

—JESS CONNOLLY, author of Wild and Free, Dance Stand Run, and You Are The Girl For The Job

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Fun Fact:

my friend, Amy, snapped what would become the cover photo for this book on her cell phone during my youngest’s 7th birthday party. Taken in the middle of chaos, laughter, afternoon tea, and a loud group of kids, I love it because it’s my real life captured right in the middle of all its (extra)ordinary glory!