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Oh, I’m so delighted that you’re interested in a sponsored social media promotion with me. These are a great fit for special promotions when it’s a super good, encouraging and authentic fit for my readers, whom I love and adore.

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So, to make things simpler for both of us, I’ve compiled all my stats and the details below:

Who is Lisa-Jo Baker?

Lisa-Jo Baker is the author of Surprised by Motherhood: Everything I Never Expected About Being a Mom, the strategic relationships manager for DaySpring, and the Community Manager of the company’s website, incourage.me, an online home for millions of women the world over.

She shares her every day life lived in between kids and chaos at LisaJoBaker.com, is a nationally sought-after speaker at events such as the MOPS International Convention, Allume, Jumping Tandem, Declare, Influence and Raising Generations, a contributor to HuffPost Parents, and her writings on motherhood are syndicated from New Zealand to New York. Born and raised in South Africa, Lisa-Jo currently lives outside Washington, DC with her husband and their three very loud kids. She’s on Twitter @lisajobaker.

What is your social media reach? 

(Figures from June 2016)

Who follows Lisa-Jo on Social Media?

Primarily moms. They span the entire age range from early twenties to empty nesters. They hail from over 100 countries and are faith-based women looking for encouragement that what we do matters – especially because we moms spend so much of our time between dishes and dirty laundry, carpool and cubicles.

Since Lisa-Jo launched the blog is 2009, it has grown into a community of women the world over who can relate to her honest take on motherhood and ability to laugh at herself and learn out loud from her parenting mistakes. Lisa-Jo’s readers are interactive, funny, compassionate, helpful, encouraging and are tremendous cheerleaders of her and one another.

For example, in 2014, Lisa-Jo’s readers raised over $50,000 for an initiative in her homeland of South Africa to build a water point, laundry center, vegetable garden, playground and community center for a community of 250 orphans and vulnerable children and their caretakers.

And in January 2015, Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom traveled with Lisa-Jo to introduce her own blog readers to the project and on Valentine’s Day weekend 2015, their combined readers raised $12,000 by becoming project partners at $10/month for a year.

How big is this Lisa-Jo’s influence?

Lisa-Jo’s writings on motherhood have been syndicated from New Zealand to New York including on Huffington Post Parents, BlogHer, Desert News, Stroller Traffic, iVillage, OH Baby!, the Power of Moms, and Christianity.com.

Women looking for encouragement continue to find their way to Lisa-Jo’s blog through sites like Facebook and Pinterest— Lisa-Jo has many posts that have gone wildly viral with some of the top ones being pinned in excess of 352,000 times with others that have 512,000 and 308,000 Facebook shares respectively.

What would a sponsored social media campaign look like?

While my sponsored blog posts are all-inclusive packages supported by social media mentions across all channels, there are times when that’s not the best fit.  Maybe a blog post is not the right format for the promotion. Maybe the campaign is smaller or more visual.  Maybe the budget for the marketing dictates a more targeted approach.

Whatever the reason, there are options for promoting your product or service on one of my social media platforms (or a combination of several).

ljb fb

If you have relevant content that I could link to on Facebook, that might be a good fit to engage and grow your audience on that platform.  It could be a link to your site or a Facebook post that you think would be a good fit for my readers.

ljb ig

Instagram is a popular visual platform and the readers there are highly engaged. Partnerships on Instagram can be a good fit for smaller promotions for a very targeted visual product.

I also have promotion packages available for Pinterest, Twitter, and my email newsletter.

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