So, you’ve seen it on the news, you’ve read about it online, you’ve followed the tweets. Now, here’s our insider’s perspective on what six straight days stuck inside due to back-to-back blizzards looks like and what we learned.

1. Table tents are an awesome way to spend a day

2. In a pinch, underpants can be re-purposed to make super hero masks

3. Shaving cream is simply snow in a can

4. A two-year-old boy can be smitten with the princess pink pull-ups his dad grabbed when stocking up between blizzards.

5. Art supplies are essential.

6. Body art is optional.

7. Drums sound louder with each passing day you are stuck inside

8. Even the toys will need to be washed by the end of it all.

9. You might lose your mind and the remote in the unlikeliest of places

10. A period of forced family hibernation is sweeter, messier, and more enjoyable than a cup of hot chocolate.

Thanks so very much to all of you who responded to our S.O.S. and shared your brilliant tips for keeping the troops entertained. We salute you and thank you and thought of you every time we tried out a new technique.

It was a blast!


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