It’s Friday. If you’ve got five minutes, I’m all ears.

Here’s how the game works: you simply stop, drop and write for five minutes flat! Set your words free. Don’t edit them, don’t fret over them, don’t try to make them perfect.

Just let them be you.

1. Write for only five minutes.
2. Link back here and invite others to play along.
3. Go say hi to the five minute artist who linked up before you.

It’s fun, creative, and challenging. And there’s a happy red Life to the Full mug in it for one of you from DaySpring. (Michelle won the beautiful leather journal from last week).

OK, are you ready? Give me your best five minutes on the prompt:

I feel the most loved when …


In this 38th week of pregnancy I feel overwhelmed most of the time. Overwhelmed by my house, my laundry, my kitchen and my back yard that’s turned into a swamp land. I feel overwhelmed by all the baby clothes I haven’t unpacked, the diapers I haven’t bought yet and the hospital bag I haven’t yet packed.

I had good intentions to get it all done. And then I came down with a horrid cold that’s been riding me hard for a while now. And suddenly everything I meant to do has simply swallowed me whole and I am left overwhelmed.

By my body and the inevitability of a new baby coming home to this chaos.

So, right now, I feel the most loved when Peter is here in the morning and home in the evenings. When I can hear him entertaining the boys in the living room or unloading the dishwasher. I feel swaddled in security when someone else figures out the logistics of child care for me or a neighbor stops by to check in on us during the day.

Just hearing Peter breathing, there in the next room, across the hall or when we’ve slumped into the mattress together at night without even the energy to talk, is when I feel the most loved.

In the slow deep breaths of pacing ourselves through this season.


OK, show me what you got:

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