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Beyond the boundaries of these four walls. Beyond the old carpet and the wobbly kitchen table. Beyond the lamps that have blown bulbs and the futon that’s seen better days. Beyond the bed that tells tall tales of how many can fit into it. Beyond the spiderman suits strewn here and the batman cape stuffed in a back pack there.

I stand at the heart of this home and I can see far beyond what meets the eye.

I see two boys who sleep arms akimbo just like their daddy. I see a baby girl who glows when her brothers walk into the room.

I feel the ache and tug and kite high jaunt of this heart of mine that soars way beyond the banal that the world would tell me makes up my 24/7. I see beauty and color and a lifetime I want to still memorize.

Come wind, come storm, come wild weather. I will always dance beyond the force of your frustration; you cannot ground me. I will ribbon tail it here beyond what you can do to me. All red and purple, green, yellow and blue. See the pink. I dance pink in these clouds beyond what lies below because I know what I see.

Because I choose what to look at.



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