There’s this thing about women.

They may be wearing purple boots or skinny jeans or sweat pants. But when they do that thing – that thing where they look right into your eyes, where they just reach over and hug you, where they whisper secret truths in tears that trail slowly down their cheeks, where they surprise you with a packet of Twizzlers, where they smile into the scrunched up face of your daughter, where they save you a spot at dinner, where they lend you their lipstick, where they aren’t afraid to babysit your screaming baby, where they hold your hand tight, tight while you try to exhale, where they compliment your hair.

Yea, that thing they do?

It’s magical.

It’s the kind of super power that can turn a day inside out.

What women can do for one another.

How they can heal each other with the power of laughter.

And hospitality that’s contagious.

Sometimes we’re so busy wondering if we’re getting it right, so busy worrying we’re not measuring up, so caught up in thinking we need to be just like her that we forget she loves us just the way we are.

She loves the joy and Jesus and friendship and tired-up-all-night-with-the-baby eyes that make you, you. Forget awkward, forget feeling small or insecure or worried about what she’s thinking.


Just jump.

Women have the power to catch you in their I-know-just-what-you’re-talking-about smiles, their encouragement that it gets easier or better or that God-will-hold-you-when-it-doesn’t empathy.

Let them.

Open your heart, your hand, your home. Forget making them look perfect.

Just invite a friend in.

Take a risk.

It might be the best kind of worth it.

The very best kind.

{Post and photos from last year’s Relevant Conference. A gathering place of friends and women and laughter.}