We’ve been in our new house exactly two weeks today.

It’s staggering to me how easily it’s become home. Despite the ache of goodbye, this new place has opened it’s arms and its neighborhood and its beautiful front doors and absorbed us in as if we were always meant to be here.

Fifteen years later and we’re finally home.

I remember when my friend the Nester moved into her new place – a total fixer upper – she would share monthly progress reports. Not that I have anything quite as significant planned – but it is encouraging to look at progress as the mountain of boxes slowly shrinks and the rooms start to slowly come together and you can put your feet up and exhale.

I thought it would be fun to share with you guys some of the progress.

The biggest difference has been the paint.

We painted every single wall, including the ceiling.

We took it all back to white. A very clear, crisp white with a pinch of a blue undertone. (And by “we” I mean, Dave, the awesome painter who did all the painting and how much we love him for it!)

Eventually we’ll find an accent wall or two that we want to highlight, but for now we wanted to go back to a fresh, clean palette open to all kinds of new beginnings.

It feels like an exhale.

Come on in, won’t you? Allow me to share our 5 favorite reasons why it’s worth it to paint your walls white again.

Front Entrance – Then

Front entrance

Front Entrance – Now


Living Area – Then

AA8492030 - Living Room

Living Area – During


Living Area – Now


Bay Window – Then


Bay Window – Now


Bay Window Seating – Then

AA8492030 - Living Room

Bay Window Seating – Now

And yup, I painted that dresser that the TV is standing on – you can read about it over here. It was my first adventure into painting furniture, and it makes me happy every time I look at it.

And that farmhouse dining room table? I’ve wanted one of those since we first got married and bought the tiny, cheap Value City table that we told ourselves was just our starter table. Sixteen years later and we got the table we always dreamed of. Handmade locally here in Maryland by Oddments Furniture & Design Studio it’s a solid, gorgeous beauty that was worth the wait.

We’ve still got unpacked boxes in nooks and crannies and, well OK stuffed into the entire laundry room and study, but I’m OK with that. I’m not in a rush. It already feels like home around here and we love how the open living spaces lend themselves to having lots of kids in your space without feeling as smothered as we have in the past.



I want this house to fling open its doors wide to folks from all over.

But I don’t want it to forget to be hospitable to the people who live here.

Legos, trucks, dollhouses, big, beach balls, bikes, and all.

It’s good to be home.