20160101_Baker_New Year Sun Dial

We’re good at starting the New Year measuring ourselves, aren’t we? At weighing ourselves and being disappointed. At weighing our lives and our lists and our last year’s resolutions and realizing we failed to follow through. Again.

We make ourselves promises like – this is the year I’m going to lose 25 pounds. This is the year I’ll quit smoking. This is the year I’ll finally pay off my debt. This is the year I’ll go after that job, write that book, finally figure out how to get a handle on my temper.

We make ourselves these promises but we hardly believe them even as we’re making them.

Because there’s still last year, still hanging heavy around our necks, weighing us down with all the ways we didn’t live up to our promises. We have a lifetime of looking back that likes to poke fun at all the ways we fail.

So here comes another January 1st and it’s easy to roll out of bed, look at that face in the mirror and step onto that scale and feel defeated. Before the new year has even begun.

My house is still covered in Christmas and there are dishes stacked on the countertops and new toys already broken and kids bickering from too much sugar and too many late nights and it would be easy to look around and believe that, “Nothing ever changes.”

It would be easy to shrug off this new year even as you’re stepping into it – already defeated. But here’s the thing. You’re the daughter of the God who does makes all things new. He is the God who is endlessly creative and utterly unfazed by all the doubt and fear and baggage you bring into the new year.

So as you catch your breath at the beginning of this new season, here are ten things you can hold onto. Ten things that are true no matter your weight or goals or failed resolutions from last year.

These ten things you can count on even if this year lets you down, your Father God never will. Because He is forever New, forever the God of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Ten Guaranteed Resolutions You Can Count On as You Start This New Year:

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