27 Aug 2014

A Back-to-School Book Club for Moms {No homework necessary!}

Sneaking in here with a fun announcement – on MONDAY 9/8 I’ll be kicking off an online Book Club for Surprised by Motherhood!!!


We’re calling it a “Back to School Book Club for Moms” – because, really, at this time of year after surviving the summer and then all the back to school shopping and pencil sharpening and gearing up for ALL THE FORMS a mom really needs something just for her to cheer and champion the holy work she does.

Whether she home schools, sends her kids to public, private, or game ranger school. It’s an intense time of year and everyone needs a little “Me” time in the midst of it, can I get an Amen?!

I asked two of my besties if they’d share why this is the book club that you don’t want to miss:

{Just click here if you can’t see the video}.

Everyone welcome – moms, grandmas, aunties, big sisters, daughters, babysitters and BFFs – come one come all!

Get your book:

And make sure you pick up a copy of the book. It’s a steal on Amazon over here. And if you order here through DaySpring you can get free shipping if you buy two or more books – just use the code BLOOMBOOK.

I’d love if you grabbed your cuppa and joined me – everyone welcome – whether you’re a mom of hearts or kiddos or words – please join us. We’ll kick things off on Monday Sept 8th.

(No homework necessary) :)

Here’s the book club schedule on a little Surprised by Motherhood book mark – click to download and print. Keep in your book and you’ll never miss a day with us!

Surprised by Motherhood Book Mark Download


And if you want some fun Surprised by Motherhood Book Club bling for your blog, your Facebook Header or your Instagram stream – we’ve got it all over here –> click and download and spread the word. 


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