26 Mar 2015

Someone Saw What You Did This Week and Wants to Give You a Medal

After long days and nights and days again and at the end of long weeks I often wish I could reach through these words and give you each a medal.


You there on the other side of the screen. You who yelled at your kids in the minivan this morning after they wouldn’t cooperate in the mall, the doctor’s office, the playgroup.

I like imagining you. I like meeting you. Because you look a lot like me and I feel more normal in my crazy when I hear from you.

I would give you a medal if I could.

I would give you a medal for all the 5am wake up calls after you only just got a couple hours sleep after nursing the baby.

I would give you a medal for sitting through all those hours of basketball practice.

I would give you a medal for sweating over that meal that everyone instantly declared “disgusting.”

You over there – you get a medal for keeping your cool while your kid raged the whole way through the grocery store.


26 Mar 2015

If Your First Reaction When Someone Offers To Help is to Say “No” then You Need to Read This

23 Mar 2015

There’s a First Time for Everything and This is a First for Me and You

12 Mar 2015

When You Feel Like No One Notices Or Appreciates What You Do For Your Family, You’re Wrong

10 Mar 2015

How Not To Take Your Life For Granted

How Not To Take Your Life For Granted via Lisa-Jo Baker
05 Mar 2015

Because Mothers Don’t Want It To Be Over. Even the Hard Stuff.

Surprised by Motherhood_Lisa-Jo Baker
27 Feb 2015

While Everyone Else Was Looking At “The Dress” I Can’t Stop Staring At This Photo

Serve South Africa water point in action
24 Feb 2015

Lame Compassion International Sponsors of the World Unite!

Compassion International Lame Sponsor letter writing
23 Feb 2015

Wholeness Parenting: an Alternative to Helicopter and Free Range Parenting

19 Feb 2015

If You’ve Ever Struggled to Find Time for Yourself While Caring for Everyone Else You Need This Book!

the fringe hours
17 Feb 2015

For Those Who Feel Like They Are Dying on the Inside

16 Feb 2015

What a 9 Year Old Girl Taught Me About Love on Valentine’s Day

What a Nine Year Old Girl Taught me about Love on Valentine's Day
13 Feb 2015

How Not to be Disappointed This Valentine’s Day

11 Feb 2015

Dear Moms: Let’s Stop Judging Each Other and Start Seeing Each Other

10 Feb 2015

In which I’m in Love with Some People I Met on the Internet {And a Special Valentine’s Day Invitation from Me and Jackson}

An-Internet-Love-Story LisaJoBaker
08 Feb 2015

A Big Surprise Coming On Tuesday February 10th!

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