13 Mar 2017

A Free Goodie Basket for you and you and YOU!

Oh you guys we have the BEST way to start your new week!


Every person who pre-orders a copy of Never Unfriended before April 4th gets a goodie bag of some fabulous gifts!!

1. A beautiful, distressed clipboard with 37 art prints PLUS 12 exclusive Never Unfriended quotes from the book (ships to US addresses only).

(Who doesn’t need a fun way to display meaningful messages or family photos?)

Never Unfriended Clipboard


2. Digital Printable of the 12 Exclusive Never Unfriended Quote cards

Display them in your home, use them as note cards or gift cards or post cards. I keep these “notes to self” as visible reminders of the kind of friend I want to be in my every day, dishes-still-in-the-sink life.

Never Unfriended Quote Cards

3. The Never Unfriended Promise – Digital Download

Print one for yourself and one for a friend. Here are the words to remind us that we’re going all in when it comes to this friendship thing. Not because it’s easy. But because it’s worth it.


4. First Half of the Book (a digital download)

Don’t wait for release date. Start reading right now!


A Never Unfriended goodie bag of these lovelies is waiting for you!

CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER AND GET YOUR GOODIES! (And why not order one for a friend too?)

What are you waiting for, eh? Jump over and visit the Never Unfriended site, check out our Friendship Confessions video and pre-order your book and get your goodies!

Visit Never Unfriended for fun and free goodies now. Click here.

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