So there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.

But life was so busy and so loud with the book launch and travel and I know you all have full plates and calendars and I wanted a chance to let everyone catch their breath.

And maybe go to Target. For flip flops and the usual 25 other things you didn’t plan on buying.

And then maybe we needed some pool days and time spent vegging in front of Netflix. Before anyone asked anything of us. Other than ordering take out. Am I right? At least, that’s how summer started for me.

But I’ve caught my breath, caught a plane (several planes) home to South Africa. And now there’s something that I think it’s finally the right time to share with you.

Want to come and do a Bible Study with me this fall?


Because it turns out I wrote one. And believe me that NO ONE is more shocked about this than me. But writing Never Unfriended was just the beginning of getting to the heart of what lurks under all the conversations and all the worries we women have about friendship. About being left out or hurt or worried about what she thinks about us.

I don’t know about you but I often feel like there’s a teenage girl living inside my minivan driving body. And we share the same insecurities.

So this Bible study was written for moms AND their daughters!




The Bible Study that isn’t afraid to go there!

Together we will unpack what friendship takes — seven practical ways to take Jesus up on His invitation to love other people. To be friends who go first, who make the first move, and sometimes the hundredth move of starting over. This is the meat and potatoes of life — figuring out how to get along with the people we love as well as the ones who rub us the wrong way. This is the whole shebang. Explored in seven simple steps.

Let’s do this with our daughters. Let’s do this FOR our daughters! Or let’s do it just for ourselves. Here’s how:

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BIG NEWS: Then watch for another announcement next week. We have big news about this Bible Study. Stay tuned!

Because I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want friends.

But I know lots of women who worry about being unfriended. Or misunderstood. Or hurt or judged or left out or taken for granted by their friends. I’m one of them.

So they stop trying. They stop risking. They stop starting over. Because they’ve stopped believing there’ll be a seat saved for them at the table. At the book club. At the PTA meeting, the Bible Study, the office break room, the retreat, the lunch date, the church pew, or the living room sofa of the woman who used to be their best friend.

That’s what this Bible Study is about.

Because we know that change comes through letting Scripture soak into our bones.

We Saved You a Seat is about not giving up on friendship. Even when we’re frustrated by it. Even when we’re tired of it, confused by it, or disappointed in it.

This Bible Study is a chance to change that.

Just click here to sign up to receive the first week of the study, including the first video discussion, for free!