#1: How to know when you’ve had enough

This is the story about being full.

Really it’s the story about understanding the difference between being empty, being full and then being stuffed to feeling sick. And we’re not even talking about food.This is an honest conversation about what we hunger and thirst after. How do we fix our cravings?This week we dig into the idea that enough might be a life goal worth pursuing. But to do so we need to know when we’ve reached, enough, in a culture always hungry for more, more, more.


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#2 The antidote to dissatisfaction

This is the story of eating a 3 course dinner soaking wet in the middle of a rainstorm in Zimbabwe. And the story of yellow leaves falling in the middle of summer in Pennsylvania.

And how we have often both been so desperate in our dissatisfaction it took us years to find the antidote. But in this episode we share what that looks like, how to apply it in your own life, and the very best place to take all your longing and dissatisfied dreams. In this episode we share some of the biggest demands we’ve made of God and how He’s answered. It wasn’t what we expected.

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#3 The good news about broken dreams

This is a story about the search for a barn.

Today we dig into what it looks like and feels like to watch your dream break into little bits and pieces you can’t make sense of. Christie takes us from Chicago to Florida to a small town in Pennsylvania that often reeks of mushroom farms and manure where she buried all her broken bits of hope and then watched them grow. She shares the story of the time she opened her home to a small group, bought all the study books, and not one person showed up.

If you’re like us then you already know that dreams usually look nothing and also everything like you hoped. There’s no straight road between what we dream and the realities we live and along the way all kinds of things we imagined, prayed, and hoped get broken. Let’s talk about that today.

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#4 Instead of setting goals, try this

This is the story about one thousand Easter eggs.

Really it’s the story about listening for invitations rather than setting goals. It’s the difference between taking control of your future and surrendering control.

This is an honest conversation about why the language of goal setting is a struggle for us, and why we both tend to use the word “invitation” instead.

Whether or not you’re a natural goal-setter, we hope you’ll join the conversation!

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#5 When you feel invisible

This is the story about an invisibility cloak.

Because it’s only natural to feel unseen when the ordinary routines of ordinary life close in around us. No one is handing out gold stars for washing the dishes, or changing the oil in the car, or dealing with that pile of junk mail. No one gives a round of applause when we tackle one more ordinary task on one more ordinary day.

Or maybe someone does?

We share stories of invisibility and ask whether our hunger for recognition and approval might actually be a good and necessary thing.

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