13 Jul 2015

6 Helpful Ways to Respond to Hard Conversations

6 Helpful Ways to Respond to Hard Conversations via lisajobaker
06 Jul 2015

The Life Changing Impact of White Paint (2 Weeks in the New House)

LIsa-Jo Baker New House 2 week update
01 Jul 2015

The Birth Story That Made Me Bawl in Panera

Anchored Book by Kayla Aimee - micro preemie birth story
25 Jun 2015

When It’s OK to Be Sad

Lisa-Jo Baker New House
15 Jun 2015

That Thing You Think You’re Not “Allowed” To Blog About

12 Jun 2015

My First Time Painting Furniture – aka – If I Can Do It, Anyone Can!

Furniture painting for beginner newbies like me at lisajobaker.com
10 Jun 2015

A Summer Reading List – I Own And Adore All of These Books. You Will Adore Them Too. Money Back Guarantee. (Except Not that Last Part).

Summer Reading List from Lisa-Jo Baker
05 Jun 2015

How To Spot the Extraordinary in Your So-Called “Ordinary” Life

04 Jun 2015

Look What You All Did. Again!

Money Saving Mom Make Over Your Mornings
01 Jun 2015

How to Make Over Your Mornings – For the Mom Who’s Tired of Feeling Behind Before She Even Gets Out of Bed

28 May 2015

When Last Were You Wild With The Wonder of Being a Woman?

21 May 2015

When You’re Tired and Just Tempted to Parent on Cruise Control, Do This Instead

19 May 2015

How the Size of Your House has Nothing to Do with The Size of Your Life {A Post Especially for those Tired of Being Renters}

A post for people tired of being renters
18 May 2015

The Story of How We Just Bought Our First House After 15 Years of Marriage, 3 Kids and 9 Rentals

Our first house
14 May 2015

One Guaranteed Way to Connect with Other Women

12 May 2015

The Difference Between Having a Bad Day and Being a Bad Mom

08 May 2015

Thank You for Being One of My Five Moms

05 May 2015

When The Best Times are *Not* to Clean The Kitchen

02 May 2015

Let’s Celebrate All Women this Mother’s Day

27 Apr 2015

Mother’s Day for the Motherless Mother

Mother's Day for the Motherless Mother
23 Apr 2015

The Book that Helped My Kids Walk Around in Someone Else’s Story

21 Apr 2015

She’s Got Her Life More Together than You Do. Really?

She's got it more together than you do. Not.
15 Apr 2015

Custom Mother’s Day Mugs and T-Shirts to Remind us that We Save Lives Daily – Because We’re Moms!

Mother's Day Mug from Lisa-Jo Baker
14 Apr 2015

What if You Actually Already Are Living “The Good Life”?

08 Apr 2015

100 Mother’s Day Gifts I Would Actually Give Myself

100 Mother's Day Gift Ideas
06 Apr 2015

7 Ways for Women to Find Soul Friends

7 ways for women to find soul friends
03 Apr 2015

Why Easter is the Answer To All our Grown Up Nightmares

Easter is the answer to all our grown up nightmares
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