Ok – Family – time to stretch your minds and take that leap into the blog-o-sphere that you have been putting off until now. Here comes your official PUSH! No more lurking around this blog without leaving us a little “Hi-di Ho, I was in the neighborhood” message.

Now, some of you tell me it is just wayyyyy out of your internet skills to figure out how to leave a comment. Tell you what, it’s so easy-peasy that even baby Micah could do it!

Here are the A, B, C’s of leaving a comment –

Step 1: Read the scintillating post, which is sure to update and entertain you on the loonies, larks, love, wrestling, adventuring, rough-an-tumble fun that is life with My Fabulous Baker Boys!

Step 2: Scroll to the very bottom of the post, past my signature. Play “eye-spy” and look for the word “COMMENTS”

Step 3: Click on the word “COMMENTS.” You will be taken to the comment page, which looks like this:

Step 4: Type your lovely, upbeat, affirming comment that shares your love for us and all things Baker and Baker Boys Blog related in the comment box.

Oh – thank-you so very much! Micah couldn’t agree more!

Step 5:
Choose an identity for leaving your comment:

If you already have a google/gmail account – you can use that.

If you don’t, you have two other options.

You can click on the “NAME/URL” option and type in your name and just leave the URL box blank if you don’t have your own blog, like this:

Or you can select the “ANONYMOUS” tab, but go ahead and sign your name anyway, like this:

Final Step 6: Click on the tab that says “PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT” (if you are an attention to detail nitpicker who likes to edit even their comments, you can always click on the PREVIEW button to see what your work of narrative art looks like!)

YAY – We KNEW you could do it! VOILA – you have now succeded in leaving a life-affirming comment to the Fabulous Baker Boys, and more importantly their mom, who enjoys the pat on the back way more than her boys do!

See how happy you have made us:

Now leave us a comment to say how easy-peasy this all was!


They will each receive printed copies of the photographs included in this post!

Ready, set, COMMENT!