• As in, when I dropped my 3 and half year old at preschool his teacher took one look at him and said to me, “but…..today is PICTURE day!” To which I calmly responded – “Yes, I do know that. I also realize that Jackson is wearing the EXACT SAME OUTFIT as yesterday – but he was VERY insistent that he had to wear the motorcycle shirt and ONLY the motorcycle shirt for his picture.”

**Insert teacher’s rolled eyes and big sighs here.**

  • Oh well, I’d rather have a picture that he loves and that I will always associate with his love for motorized vehicles (see below pic) as opposed to one I will always remember having forced him into.

  • As in, when browsing the aisles at the grocery store with both small boys in tow, a darling elderly lady approached me to compliment the cuteness of my sons. But then, she said, “I don’t know if you realize it, but your son is dipping his fingers in the water that the buckets of flowers are sitting in and DRINKING IT!” Glancing down at Jackson and shifting Micah to the other arm I smile and calmly respond, “Yes, I do realize it. But I figure, if it doesn’t hurt ’em…..And I tell you what, if he starts to actually eat the flowers themselves I will definitely intervene.”
  • As in, when the backyard has turned into a swampland overnight due to heavy rains, I let ’em loose out there to romp, and stomp and splash their way to a full coat of mud that soaks right down to the Thomas the Train undies. And then, yes, I strip ’em to the skin outside, leave all their muddy clothes in a pile and deliver them straight to the bathtub.

  • As in, despite the strange looks we both get, I let Jackson wear one of his daddy’s belts wrapped three times around his tiny waist (usually OVER his sweatshirt) because it makes him “brave” just like his daddy.

  • As in, I wholeheartedly encourage and endorse Jackson’s use of the phrase “Oh yea, baby!” in response to just about anything that amuses or delights him – as taught to him by my brothers, his South African uncles. This even though Jackson recently informed me, “we don’t say oh yea, baby at school, mama!” Hmmm, can just imagine that conversation with his teacher!

  • As in, I am inclined to sneak Jackson behind a large bush and let him go the way of all lucky dogs when we are out on a walk rather than rush home to the potty.
  • As in, on a related note, I totally believe that summer time + potty training = kids spending quality time in their birthday suits in our backyard (admittedly, this can be more awkward when one’s backyard is right on a golf course and the boy in question loves to wave at all who putt putt by!)

  • As in, I am totally ok with my boys running around in 90 degree weather wearing nothing but their spiderman underoos and their big red winter boots! Oh how I wish I had had my camera handy that afternoon last summer. You know it’s photo-worthy when a neighbor driving buy actually pulls into the yard to let you know how hard she is laughing at the look of your mini super hero minus most of the costume. This related pic will have to do.

  • As in, while we don’t have a TV I love to watch movies with my boys on our computer or portable DVD player. And as a special treat, Jackson will often ask to watch “mama’s movies” – and we just love us some Scrubs, I tell you what. More likely than not because the opening lyrics appeal to us both for different reasons, ” I can’t make it on my own, I’m No Superman!”
  • As in, when we have breakfast at Bob Evans I think that the high fives both boys generously dole out up and down the aisles actually make the smiles of the elderly folk who frequent the place last all day and justify the boys’ romping around that I would normally try and restrain.

  • As in, when it’s Jackson’s turn to be the “prayer leader” at dinner or before bedtime he is encouraged to tell God anything and everything that his little heart wants to share….even when that, more often than not, includes profound thanks for certain parts of his anatomy that don’t usually make it into the common book of prayer!

I am SO that kind of mama – and loving every minute of it!

PS: This post was inspired by a Tonggu Momma who was the first to admit she’s “that kind of mama” and proud of it!

PPS: All pics except the swampy backyard were from our sojourn in Michigan, which – despite being an arctic tundra for what feels like 9 months of the year – is absolutely GLORIOUS in the summer time! We miss you Michiganders!