As a full time working mom of three kids 11 and under I’ve basically been stretched too thin for a decade. And I’ve lost track of how many weeks have ended with desperate calls to my husband to tell him that I just can’t take it anymore! The thing that’s gotten me through has been […]

I’ve always worked full time. Sometimes outside of the home and more recently from home. Some seasons have been easier than others. Some have been very, very hard. One of my most read posts on this blog is the one I wrote called, Grace For the Working Mother and Her Guilt. I know a lot […]

There are 4 things you may or may not know about me: I’m South African, but my accent these days is mostly just confused. Unless I’m using words like, tawlk or cahn’t. My husband married me knowing I emphatically did not want to be a mom. Sixteen years later we have 3 VERY loud kids […]

“You don’t get it mom. Kids can be cruel.” It’s what my 8 year old son told me from the bathtub where I was treating his head for lice. His eyes were red from all the crying after he saw his new buzz cut for the first time. We’d shorn him. Because of the lice. […]

So here’s the lie I think we most often, most dangerously, buy into. We take that thing we love, that we’re passionate about, that we feel called to and we compare it to what other women are doing and then we belittle it by putting the word, “just” in front of it. I had a […]

Since we’ve been given the biblical mandate that we all belong to each other {Romans 12:5, NLT}, this fall at (in)courage we wanted to spend some deliberate time together unpacking what that means. To focus on what it means to love my neighbor as myself. To open our hearts for dialogue about what it might look like to walk around […]

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