I’m a girl who spent a large chunk of tonight re-soaking and re-washing pots that I’ve been ignoring for an embarrassing chunk of time.

I’m a girl who has a desk surrounded by 10 (I just counted) trucks/fire trucks/garbage trucks and police type vehicles. I’m a girl who has a pile of books on her desk and a note on her white board that says, “This year I will read more than I watch TV.”

I’m a girl whose daughter has a wretched diaper rash and so has felt like she has a puppy on the loose this weekend what with the naked toddler tushie and the resulting accidents all over the place.

I’m a girl who writes left over thoughts from the day late, late at night when the boys have been tucked into bed for the hundredth millionth time and who’s probably watched an episode of “Up All Night” or “Once Upon a Time” before she breaks open the keyboard.

I’m a girl who wishes she were better at putting a wardrobe together, loves her books like they were old friends and battles bout of homesickness from way down south.

I’m a girl who talks too much and is usually learning to be a better listener. I’m a girl who writes down everything she would otherwise say and sends it out into the dark way past her bedtime and sometimes wonders if there’s anyone listening or if it’s all just chasing after the wind.

I’m a girl who loves girlfriends more than most things.

So when you all – when you left me these messages? When you introduced yourselves and your stories and your hometowns? This girl? This girl felt like her love tank filled up, up, up all the way to overflowing!

I’m a girl who wishes she could have you all over for tea.

I’m a girl who feels like this weekend she got to look through this screen and just see so many of you and it was the most wonderful sight.

You all are so generous with your words and so lavish with your encouragement. You all are a joy and a delight and a chuckle and a comfort.

You all are so much the reason I sit at this old Ikea desk that we finally hammered back together after the 4th move and losing all the ridiculous parts  – with my feet up and my laptop propped in front of me and my heart fuller than the boys’ bin of toy soldiers.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. Doing life together – it’s what makes us part of the body no matter how many miles and seasons separate us.

As we say in Afrikaans – Baie Dankie. Pronounced – Buy a Donkey.  And yes, I’m serious.

And I mean it.

And thank you!


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