In January this year I sat in the back of a bumpy Landrover in South Africa and blatantly eavesdropped on a conversation between my adopted brother and one of my dearest online friends. Crystal Paine from Money Saving Mom was brainstorming a hundred different business ideas with my little brother, Karabo. He was relentless in […]

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All three of my kids stayed up too late the other night because they asked me if they could. And sometimes it’s worth saying yes in those moments. They didn’t have school the next day and they wanted to know if they could just fall asleep watching a Disney movie and I said, yes. Yes to comforters […]

You’d be surprised how easy it is to fall out of the habit of writing. Or maybe you wouldn’t. Like most things, writing requires exercise. You need to keep showing up. And when you’re on vacation or traveling for work or simply intimidated by all the loud and achey headlines of the Internet it’s easy […]

I’ve been the community manager at (in)courage now for five years. That means five years of working with and for and alongside women. Writing about women, reading about women, talking to women, in small groups of women, and for large groups of women. I don’t think I could possibly overstate how much I love women. […]

So you know how I told you that 25% of all sales from my friend, Crystal’s new Make Over Your Mornings course that launched on Tuesday would be donated to South Africa? And you know how her big goal was to raise $14,000 so we could fully fund a two-classroom facility and two Enviro-Loo toilets at the […]

Last week over 1,000 of you answered the first blog survey I’ve ever hosted on this blog. I had to cut it off after 1,000 because whoa – a LOT of information. I now have over 150 pages of data, charts and fascinating information about you guys. For example, 98.99% of people who read here are […]

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