I’ve been writing here for nearly 3 years now.

Wow, that’s a lot of words. I think Pete is grateful I have somewhere to spend a few of my daily thousand.

Writing here has been a lot like coming home.

And having you all over is like a grown up slumber party without the PJs or calories. But comfortable and delicious nonetheless.

Hi lovelies. I like you.  A lot.

And after three years this little space is in need of a refresh. A deep spring cleaning. I’m working to make it homier and more comfortable for all of us but still featuring all the things you love about hanging out here.

Hopefully next week it will be ready for you all – with lots of comfy sofas and places to lounge around. There will be snacks and some party favors and women who are welcome to kick off their flip flops and just sit a while until they feel reminded again that they matter. That what they do matters.

You matter.

Beyond your routine. You. You matter.

And so if you want to write me a note in the comments letting me know what part about this place matters to you, I’d love to read it. That way it’s like you’ve come over and are helping me with the cleaning and dusting and furniture re-arranging.

Kindly bring brownies and hug me tight on your way in the door.