I work full time.

At a job I love.

And in this particular season I get to do that work from home.

Four years ago my husband asked me, “If you could do any job, what would it be?” And I answered without missing a beat, “I want the job where I get to encourage women.”

No one was more stunned than me to find out that that is an actual thing. A job encouraging women. Yes, I love doing it on my own blog. But for the last three years I’ve also done it over here – with the (in)courage website – as their social media and community manager.

I get to encourage women. Every day.





Mercy House Kenya


Some days it’s hard and there are always challenges to living, breathing, thinking, working alongside and for and with and invested in a large group of women.

But I get to see what it means to do the “hard work of getting along.” Because any great community and any great friendships take hard work, make no mistake.

And while sometimes it all derails, sometimes we catch a glimpse of the amazing victory of doing life daily together. The ordinary stuff. The hard stuff. The boring stuff. That actually, isn’t.

All of it can add up to life changing stuff. Like what we’re launching today. Four years in the making.

Amazing what women can do without even leaving home. How they can change the lives of their sisters a world away.

Won’t you click over and come and see?

Kenya photos by Bess Brownlee