So I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since my book came out.

Did you know that you all made it a bestseller? Yup. For three weeks straight it’s been a best seller in the Twins and Multiples Category. Surprised by Motherhood indeed, eh? :)

Love being a #1 twinsie with The Nester and her new book that comes out April 29th.


And it’s the first time in three weeks that the book is back in stock on Amazon. Just in time for Mother’s Day! It’s been almost impossible to keep up with the demand. All us weary moms hungry for someone to admit that they haven’t got it altogether.

For me the best part has been hearing from you.

How the book did all the things I always wished I could do in person – run up to tired moms everywhere, give them flowers and tell them that they’re braver than they think.

I love that you all can tell that this is not supposed to be a how-to book; that instead it’s a me-too story.

This book is not a how-to, or a pregnancy guide. It’s not going to dole out advice about feeding, sleeping, or any other topic.

It’s even better. It is an honest, real, there-with-you-in-the-trenches memoir, chronicling Lisa-Jo Baker’s journey into motherhood, with all it’s tumult and glory. She tells her story fearlessly, in the hope that her experiences will help other mothers feel less alone.

I laughed and cried my way through this book. I related to it on so many levels– as the mother, the awkward teen, the motherless daughter. Lisa-Jo writes truth and grace better than any other author I have ever encountered. She drips encouragement, yet whitewashes nothing.

Buy this book! You won’t regret it. ~ E. Duncan review on Amazon.

So, with Mother’s Day right around the corner, and with hearing from so many of you who have bought multiple copies to give away and encourage girlfriends, moms, aunts, cousins, grandmas and BFFs I wanted to get in on that fun too.

So my awesome friend Annie from Be Small Studios whipped up this custom bookplate for sticking to the inside cover of the book. With a spot for me to personally address it to your precious mama, daughter or friend.

Isn’t it too adorable?!

Custom Mother’s Day Bookplate for anyone who orders/ed three or more copies of Surprised by Motherhood.

BookPlate_BlackAndWhiteSo here’s how you get yours:

If you’ve bought three or more copies of Surprised by Motherhood I’d love to send you three or more of these personalized, limited edition, signed bookplate stickers. (And nope, you don’t have to have bought them all at the same time.)

Made out in the name of your mama or BFF or daughter or grandma or cousin.

I’ll mail them to you myself. No need to send me an addressed envelope.

It will cost you ZERO DOLLARS. {Well, except for the actual book itself, eh}.

Yup, I was totally inspired by Sophie’s generosity. I love Internet friends who share genius ideas.

All you have to do is fill out the below form and hey presto, pretty, custom, stickable bookplates will arrive in your mail box for you to put inside the copies of Surprised by Motherhood that you’re giving away for Mother’s Day. (Or that you’re keeping for yourself, of course.}

And if you’ve already given copies away, no biggie, I’m still happy to send you a signed bookplate to pass along for your bestie to stick in the book you gave her.

And if you’re overseas, why not just print the pretty printable and fill it in yourself as a card to go with the book? Or print any of these lovely quotes from the book as gifts to go with the book?

Because really, this book is for everyone – dads who wonder what goes on in the mind of their wife during her days of motherhood, the new mom who’s scared that she’s not brave enough, the motherless daughter who isn’t sure she can do it without a mom to show her how, the sister, the aunt, the grandma.

This book is for all of us who have ever mothered and felt unqualified for the task.

It would be my honor to sign this small note to the brave women in your life. I only have 500. And if you’ve bought 7 copies of Surprised by Motherhood, then I’m happy to sign seven bookplates for you! Bought 50 – I’ve got 50 bookplates coming your way. Got 10 in your  Amazon cart right now? 10 bookplates can be yours!

You can get it a bunch of places. In print and eBook.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | DaySpring | Books-A-Million | CBD | LifeWay | Parable | Mardel | Walmart |

And if you want to hear it read in my own confused South African/ American accent – the audio book is also available:

Amazon | Books-A-Million | CBD | Walmart | Audible | iTunes

So order away and I shall start my finger warmups.

Happy nearly Mother’s Day!

If you’re having trouble seeing the bookplate order form, just click here to open it in a browser.

To read the first 3 chapters of the book for free, just click here.