surprised by motherhood

For the first time since my book, Surprised by Motherhood, came out two years ago the eBook version is on sale this week for only $2.99! That’s a $13 savings, you guys! And right in time for Mother’s Day! Did you know it’s super easy to give an ebook as a gift! You don’t need a Kindle […]

I believe that we are all of us are called to mother another. We mother the world that shows up at our doorstep whether we call it mothering or not. We mother whether we’re married or we’ve ever borne down in the battle cry of birth. We mother because we’re called to it – this […]

It’s one year today, since my book, Surprised by Motherhood: Everything I Never Expected About Being a Mom was released! Yes, it came out on April Fool’s Day because OF COURSE. It’s like my book baby is now a toddler.  And since I learned from last week’s blog survey that about half of you haven’t read/met my […]

Before we got married, I told my husband that I didn’t plan to have children. I may not have put it quite as politely as that. But I was carrying around a gut wound of leftover childhood junk, and it had convinced me that I’d rather run far away than have kids. It was a […]

Yikes, I never email you all twice in one day – but this one was too good to miss. Through midnight PST today if you use the code HOLIDAY30 at checkout on Amazon – you’ll get an additional 30% off my book (or any book for that matter!). It was too good not to share! […]

“This body of mine, it reflects memories and growth, and it is my living Ebenezer — the reminder that great love is always born from great sacrifice.” ~ Surprised by Motherhood. Welcome to last week of our Surprised by Motherhood Book Club. You can watch all the videos from the beginning over here. It’s been […]

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