FINAL UPDATE: You did it!! You raised the final amount for the first phase of the community center – $40,000!!! That will pay for kitchen and bathroom facilities, classrooms and meeting space! A-Ma-Zing. Speechless gratitude!

UPDATE: Sunday 10pm: It’s astounding what we can do when we do it together. As of Thursday we’ve now raised $6,379. That’s 255 people giving $25 each.

We’re SO CLOSE. Just 206 more people each donating $25 each and it’s done. The first half of the Maubane Community Center is built. We can do it. We can. Click here to join us in raising the last $5,000.

UPDATE: Friday 9pm: You guys! We’ve raised $3,765 in the last 24 hours! That’s 150 people who each gave $25! We’re a third of the way there. We can do this. We just need 311 more mamas/grandmas/teens/aunts/girlfriends/dads/BFFs to chip in $25 each and we’re gonna do this!

We’ve raised $32,000. Click here to join us in raising the last $7,000 for the community kitchen and welcome center.

You guys – it’s official, this blog community has so adopted a South African community.

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These are our people. And we are so theirs. Just over 400 orphans, vulnerable kids and the grown ups who love on them live in Maubane, South Africa.

We’re so all in.

Tuesday you saw the Photos from the {No such thing as “Just a mom”} Laundry Center and Veggie Garden you funded in the small hamlet of Maubane, South Africa!

So now we’re only $11,526 away from funding the first half of their community center. You can read all about that building and why they need it over here.


Yup, it’s buddy system day.

$25 each from 461 people makes the first half of the community center building possible. The cafeteria half. The bathrooms half. The conference rooms half. The kitchen half.

I have the blueprint hanging on my office wall – it’s my favorite – right there in the middle of all my other reminders of what love in action looks like:


I spent $25 last night at Burger King for dinner for my kiddos because mama don’t love to cook. It was wolfed down in minutes. This $25 will last a bricks and mortar lifetime.

So can you do this with me?

ONLY 461 PEOPLE GIVING $25 EACH = $11,526


Who’s in with me?


(Or more if you’d like)

And if you can’t – won’t you share this post on all your social media channels? Or click to tweet this: “What 461 people can do – but only if we do it together?” #WeAre461 

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