Want to know what’s unnerving? Writing about your insecurities.

But sometimes writing them down is the first step to unraveling them.


This month at (in)courage we’re doing a series about insecurity. And speaking God’s truth into the lie of our own insecurities. They asked me to share first. And I did. And then I got a severe case of pre-blog posting panic attack.

But I’m sharing, nonetheless.

Here’s the truth: there are days at conferences and events where I’m embarrassed to be the “mommy blogger” of the group. I worry that it means I’m not a serious writer because I don’t write about “serious” things. That I’m not edgy enough or interesting enough or serious enough. I have this whole crazy inner monologue that discredits me and my book and my blog and my place in the world of writers where I don’t have permission to have a voice or a story because I’m “just the mom who writes about motherhood. Still.”

And it can do crazy things to your head when you’re trying to make friends or be a decent friend because you’re so often worrying if anyone even takes you seriously as a writer or if they’re just being polite.

And writing this down is such a lame insecurity that it seems to underscore the initial problem of not being interesting enough even when it comes to my insecurities.

Keep reading with me, will you? Let’s face our insecurities together. Just click here to read the rest of the post at (in)courage.