Well we hit our goal number of survey responses WAY faster than I ever imagined. A thousand thanks for sharing!! This survey is now closed. And I look forward to sharing some of the fun findings!

I’ve been blogging here for seven years now.

That’s hard to wrap my mind around.

Some days it’s therapy and some days it’s work. But I always learn something about myself and our story through the process of showing up and writing down words.

And over the years I’ve learned a lot about you all as well.

You fascinate me. I kind of have a crush on you. You women and mothers and wives and daughters who read on the other side of the screen.

And I realize that in all my seven years of blogging I’ve never, not once, done any kind of survey to learn more about you guys.

So I figured it’s about time.

Because I want this place to feel like home. I want this blog to be a good listener. So that this blog can be like the good friend who really gets you. Who shows up to encourage you and sits with you on your hard days and offers comfort and hope for feeling better.

I want this blog to make you feel less alone.

I want this blog to share the upside downs and inside outs of motherhood.

But I also want this blog to tell a true story about all the other parts of life.

Click here to take the blog survey – and help this blog become a better listener.


And as a thank you I’ll be randomly selecting two people who take the survey to win a big stack of fabulous books!

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Thanks guys. SO looking forward to hearing from you and getting to know you all better!

Click here and let the survey-ing begin! (I’ll close both the survey and the chance to win on Friday 3/27).