We’ve been house bound since Thursday night.

We’ve mashed, smashed and eaten play-doh.

We’ve finger painted the glass door.

We’ve played drums and guitar and shaken our respective booties to the beat of the Wiggles.

We’ve made brownies, pancakes and pizza.

We’ve groomed our pretend pets and their downtrodden parents.

We’ve washed dishes and “helped” with the laundry.

We’ve had snowball fights with baby wipes and dug trails through pans of rice with diggers and dozers.

We’ve snacked and dunked and hop, skipped and jumped.

We’ve photographed the snow, baby brothers, and the underbelly of the changing table.

We’ve played in knee deep drifts outside and thawed out to hot chocolate and “Mighty Machines” inside.

And we’ve heard that schools we be closed again on Monday.


No idea is too wild to try to keep the troops entertained.

Sincerely, Lisa-I may never see the inside of my car again-Jo