The Gypsy Mama turns one today.

It’s been the most beautiful year.

Because of YOU.

Your sense of humor, your honesty, your understanding, and your stories.

I think I’ve fallen a little bit in love with you this year. {Blushes; scuffs feet.}

And I wanted to bring you a present.

My friend Lisa Leonard helped me cook it up. It’s delicious.

A tasty $75 helping of anything from her store.

Yum.  This is my personal favorite, favorite:

But these? These would look scrumdiddlyumptious on you too.

I only wish I could give one to every single one of you. I wish I could have you serenaded by the Gipsy Kings and showered with roses (the kind without thorns). I wish I could sign you up for the Godiva Chocolate of the month club and a  year’s worth of free house cleaning. And a pony. I would totally throw in a pony if you said you wanted one.

But in the meantime, even if you never have before, today’s the day to leave a comment.

Tell me what’s been your favorite part of our last year together and you’ll be entered to win one of Lisa Leonard’s lovely pieces.

Want to enter more than once? Sure!

Subscribe by email, tweet, facebook or share in any other way for extra entries. (Just leave a comment for each)

As for me? I’m just siting here grinning real big at how lovely you are. How blessed I am to travel this crazy, roller coaster called life with you. You make my late, late nights spent scribbling in the dark hallowed hours.

And the rest of this week? I’m gonna take some time to just kick back on a virtual beach and reflect on our year together. I mean, in reality I’ll still just be hanging out in the crazy we call home. But I’ll be reflecting – on you, on the power of stories, and on our next year together.

I’ll be back on Friday to announce a winner. Until then you can keep entering up till midnight Thursday 08/05.

So, here’s to the highest of highs and lows that are shared. Here’s to community!

Hugs, kisses, and chocolate cupcakes,