Stop, drop, and write. That’s what we do for five minutes here on Fridays.

No tweaking, no back-tracking, no self-editing. Just words. Lots of lovely words for a full five minutes.

This week the prompt is:What’s the best mail you got recently – email, text, or snail mail?


They’re always writing to me. Sometimes in finger paint on the walls. Sometimes in scribbles on the bills, the newspaper, my magazines. But the best part is when they want to read it to me. When they want to press still sticky peanut butter lips against my ear and whisper what their letters couldn’t quite spell out. How they love me more than chocolate milk. How they worry I will get “small” when they are older and what if I stop being their mom once they become dads.

How when Pete and I are “old and short” they will make us go to bed early and then they will stay up late with computers.

How my hands feel nice and they prefer my hair tied up rather than loose. How Micah wants to be a police dog when he grows up and Jackson wants to be a policeman. How they miss South Africa even when Micah can’t actually remember it. How much they both love chicken nuggets.

These secret beautiful glimpses into my boys’ insides are scrawled down in green permanent marker that bleeds through the paper onto the kitchen table and into my soul. And I try to savor every word. Even when I’m hard at work scrubbing them away with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.


OK, your turn:

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