Believe it or not, I forgot today was Friday.

I only remembered when my boys announced at 7am that it was pizza and a movie night. And then I thought about writing it while still in my jammies and with kids yelling for breakfast and baby yelling for milk, and I got that chokey “oh my word, why am I always running late on stuff, and I really should have scraped all those plates after we ate tacos last night” feeling.

So instead, I lay in bed longer with the boys and the baby and we cocooned in the room with all its half empty laundry baskets before diving into the day.

It was a good choice.

I haven’t always been that great at choosing family and slow over to-dos and rushed. I wrote a whole post about trying to do less. I’m still trying.

And when we all wander through from the bedroom and the boys have a movie they are begging to watch before school and I’m wondering if there are still bagels left for breakfast I see something beautiful. Not a dozen roses beautiful. Not sunset or rainbows beautiful. But ordinary, only-a-mom-would-appreciate it, most beautiful thing I’ve seen all week.

Beautiful because of the thought behind it.

My man had laid out two sets of jeans, socks, and super hero undies for the boys. Because he knows what the state of our laundry is. And how hard it is to find socks in the morning when we’re trying to get out the door on time.

And right there, in that moment of contact lenses not yet in, bed head, and old T-shirt, I felt more loved than a movie star.

My man, he thinks of us at 5am. It’s the ordinary extraordinary love.

Tell me happily ever after doesn’t get better than that.

{And I guess that was my five minutes}

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