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Sometimes the week wrings you out good and proper.

College students complain about colds and being forced to stay in bed and I try to keep my laser beam eyes from looking at them directly, because as all moms know, a forced day in bed is every mother’s vacation.

And most moms don’t get time off for colds.

So the week can steam roll over our best intentions not to lose tempers and find us curled in bed hiding from the whine heading down the hallway. In between I sit with jeans rolled up and rest my feet in the bath tub next to her small self. The water eases tired heels and she thinks it’s funny to find my toes tickling up next to her chubby thighs.

I can hear the boys tuning into another episode of Top Shot outside our blue and white bathroom.

I wash and rinse and repeat her hair and my week, wrap her in a bath towel and carry her back to the changing table.

The moon is full tonight. I remember to notice. Upside down I am. We look at each other, both pale and me the tireder tonight. Is it really Friday already? I look back over a week of checked off lists and all I can see is how many items are waiting to crowd onto my note pad next week. But there is time still. There is always time from the God who spoke it into being.

I try to remember to hold it carefully in my hands.

These days that aren’t mine.



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