11 Oct 2012

31 days to write your story {day 11} it doesn’t matter if you don’t feel like it

Go ahead, click to tweet it and cheer on your fellow writers who’d rather be watching old re-runs of Friends than sweating over a keyboard. We owe ’em.


I’m spending 31 days writing about how to write your story.
It’s part of the 31 Days Challenge hosted by the Nester.
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  1. 1

    Amen! Wrote about this very thought a few weeks ago for my own 31 day series. The very practice of the 31-day project has done wonders for me in overcoming my resistance to writing. When you’ve committed, it changes your outlook on writing entirely. (I’ll have to work on carrying this philosophy beyond the 31 days!)

  2. 2

    Starting my blog has been great inspiration for writing daily – or almost every day. Not every post is amazing. Heck, most of them need lots of help! But it’s for God and for me and hopefully some enjoy it every once in a while.

  3. 3

    Great, simple, and to the point! Be a doer, not a feeler. (credit to Tommy Newberry in Success is not an Accident)

  4. 4
    April Tindall says:

    Thank you for today’s post. I have been struggling to jounal or blog all summer. I had a difficult pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage that lasted for weeks. Even a month later, I am still not feeling like I’ve returned to ‘normal’ life. I have struggled with such a range of thoughts and feelings during a season when I was already doing a ton of internal “work” … self-improvement and soul searching, you might say.
    I find that when I write, I have a greater ability to play with my daughter, engage with my husband, and generally do the things I am called to do each day. Joy hasn’t come back fully yet, but writing helps me reflect on the better moments each day and the hope I have for a better tomorrow.

  5. 5

    I’m doing my 31 days as a simple exercise in Just Writing…maybe I shoulda chosen a more specific topic, but I’m so out of shape (writing wise), that to just Get Something Out There every day has really been hard for me. You know? I think God sent you to be my personal cheerleader through this challenge! Thank you for this encouragement. You’re becoming a real hero to me.

  6. 6

    This is such truth, I am early in my blogging days , and very early in exploring creative writing. I love it but it is also very scary and sometimes intimidated. I mean Im journaling my thoughts and creativity and putting it out and most of the time not getting much of a response. Thats about as scary as getting rejected. Whats worse indifference or rejection? But then I realize im not writing for anyone else I am writing because I like to write, it brings joy in my life. True expression. Thanks for these words today :)

  7. 7

    Absolutely true. Just writing every day for the last 11 days has inspired me. I know now that even when I haven’t felt like it, I go and sit down and write and it makes all the difference. I feel like I’ve accomplished something. I feel like I’m a writer. Imagine that. :)

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